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First Chiropractic

Sara Golder

Shoreview, MN

Whether you are looking to relax, relieve a headache, or lower your blood pressure, you are in the right place! More than a luxury, massage is a vital part of self-care that has a positive ripple effect on you as you work, play, and care for others. Massage Advantage is not only providing this care, but is providing it at a discount which has been most helpful during these economic times. Massage Advantage knows the benefits of massage therapy and works to provide its clients with the care they need to continue receiving. Massage can boost immunity which helps to fend off illnesses meaning fewer medical bills and days off work, which are important elements that effect your life. In addition, a few of the other benefits that massage therapy can provide are better sleep, reduced anxiety, and a sense of emotional balance.

A1 Miracle Hands Massage Studio

Antoinette Rhodd

Durham, North Carolina

Antoinette Rhodd started her education at Rutgers University with Accounting Concentration and Physical Therapy. She completed her concentration in Business Management at University of Phoenix. Working over 15 years in the corporate world has given her the opportunities to grow with knowledge in the business field. More recently her desire has been targeted toward natural healing. She has completed courses at Gwinnett College and is now a Licensed Therapist. Her skills as as Lifestyle Consultant Coach alongside desire to help clients live a more natural life has been her goal. This was the inspiration which helped her company create her healing business A1 Miracle Hands Massage Studio. As a practitioner she has knowledge of modalities such as Kinesiology, Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular therapy, Trigger Point Massage, Sport Therapy, and Prenatal Massage. She has a desire to help and serve the community with her healing techniques.

Grace Massage

Stacie Swindig

Riverside, CA

Here at Grace Massage we believe in the healing power of Massage and also believe that it should be affordable to everyone. We try our best to accodomate all our clients and listen to their needs to provide them the best massage possible whole still be affordable.

Cup of Life

Jarreau James

San Diego, CA

Cup of Life offers the highest quality, customized massage therapy. Wether relaxation, injury prevention or treatment, or routine maintainence, Cup of Life will assist you in reaching your goals and easing your tensions. With the perfect balance of Eastern and Western modalities, our clients leave with a deeper sense of well being and an increased knowledge of their body's specific tendencies and needs. "Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are."

Excellent Wife

Racquel Bragg

Del City, OK

Medical spa that offers holistic care, therapeutic care medical massage therapy.

Balance in Life Massage

Jasmin Burris

Arlington, TX

At Balance in Life Massage we focus on improving each persons quality of life through massage therapy. Each massage is tailored to each individuals personal needs based on information provided by the individual and/or doctor, and the intuitiveness of the therapist.

Balanced Body

Kevin Kyle

Spring, TX

At Balanced Body Kevin focuses on improving quality of life through massage therapy. Each therapeutic massage is tailored to each individual personal needs. My approach is to tackle the issues of postural alignment with a wide variety of techniques including sports massage, medical massage, yoga stretches, as well as fascia release. I also feel it’s is important to give clients a few correct of exercises to keep the condition at bay for a healthier lifestyle.

Massage Knead

Kristal Keck

San Antonio, TX


ROOTS Wellness

Syreeta Mass

Pantego, TX


Jessica Derrick LMT

Jessica Derrick

Salt Lake City, UT

I am a sports therapist focusing more on athletic injury and rehabilitation. I am also prenatal certified and work with expectant moms as far as massage and functional movement patterns during and after pregnancy. I am certified in kinesio taping, cupping, and IASTM and utilize them as needed per client.

Brett Curtis LMT

Brett Curtis

Virginia Beach, VA

With over 20 years of practical knowledge in sports and fitness, I provide massage therapy for individuals looking to recover from workouts and training sessions, as well as for people seeking relaxation. I hold a B.S. in Exercise Science and use that knowledge and experience from competitive athletics to provide top level massage therapy.

In Balance In Control, LLC

Kenneth Frey

Arlington, TX

In Balance and In Control is a family owned and operated entity. Our philosophy is exactly stated in our name. We promote in bringing the body back into balance by developing a wellness plan suited to each individual's needs. We use a variety of techniques to assist clients in stress reduction as well as pain and wellness maintenance. From the avid athlete to the elderly, We incorporate numerous therapeutic massage techniques to address the needs of each individual. " We have online scheduling and intake forms can be completed online to ensure full sessions. You can schedule online by going to and click the BookNow radio button. You can also call or text at (214) 536-2955. If in session, just leave message and you will get a return call for scheduling your appointment.

Oasis Mobile

Durell Walker

Jackson, MS

Durell has been a Massage Therapist since March 2011. During his time as a therapist he has grown tremendously in the hollistic wellness industry. He owns a successful mobile massage business and has been a massage instrucor since 2014. Some of his favorite types of massages to do are Deep Tissue, Myofacial work, and Sports massage becasue he enjoys helping people with pain management. You can rest assured that when you schedule a session with Durell, you will recieve a high quality service. Being healthy takes work; allow him to help you along the way by giving your body the rest, relaxation, and relief it deserves.